In-Display Fingerprint Scanner for Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy 10 Confirmed To Have In-Display Fingerprint Reader

The New Samsung Galaxy 10 is confirmed to have an in-display fingerprint reader. According to reports, the technology is currently being developed by three separate sensor companies.

More About The Report

The news follows T3’s speculation that the Galaxy S10 would likely feature both an in-display fingerprint reader and Face ID-style 3D sensing technology.

Reports say that the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint reader will be located under a brand new Infinity Display. This increases the size from the 5.77 inches of the Galaxy S9 to 5.8 inches of the Galaxy S10. Most likely because the phone’s bezels will once more be reduced in size.

The new Infinity Display with in-screen finger print reader is reportedly finalized and set to go into production on November 2018. This confirms the previews news story that Samsung will not Debnut the tech in the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

All About This Technology

This technology is currently being developed by three sensor companies: Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan.

The S10’s panel tech also seemingly confirmed that its long-rumored foldable phone will not feature this year. Reports also confirm that Huawei is closest to launching one.

These information leads us to believe that the Samsung Note 9 musty have some other new feature or hardware this year. Samsung seems to be very confident of its capabilities.

An engorged, super-sized battery makes sense. As too does faster hardware and extra HDR display smarts. This would really help the handset push on from last year’s already excellent Galaxy Note 8.

Reports also state that Samsung will improve the 3D sensing camera technology in the next S-series flagship to help improve the performance and security of its face unlock feature.

In-display fingerprint

Although production of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to start in November, things can, of course, change from now and then. This would tie with the reports that Samsung will begin production of the foldable screen for its Galaxy X smartphone. While Galaxy S10 will be the 10th anniversary for the Galaxy S-series.

Although there are these leaks and rumors, it should be taken with an open mind. Especially at this early stage. But some details of the Galaxy S!0 have already leaked out. We can expect more leaks and rumors in the coming months.