Heads up! Street Fighter 5 fans will be getting the next DLC fighter named Falke. Game developer Capcom announced this development. The developer said that Falke DLC would be available on April 24.


If you are a player interested to avail the Falke DLC, you can buy this for $6 or roughly 100,000 fight money. Capcoms has yet to announce the DLC’s international price. Gamers suggest that the price will be likely the same with the game’s previous DLC characters.



Capcom’s Falke DLC character is also included in the game’s Season 3 character pass. This means that players will be given access to Sakura Blanka, Cody, G, and Sagat in the future.


Who is Falke?



Although a new character, she is likened to Ed and M. Bison for having Psycho Power. He uses such power as her fighting style.



“Falke was built to be an alternative clone for M. Bison,” Capcom said. “She was heavily experimented on by Shadaloo and was forced to train day in, day out to achieve perfection.”



“Falke has the unique ability to infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them, mainly through her staff, which she named Harmony,” the character’s description stated.