Defective Apple Watch 2 Models will be Repaired


Free Repair For Defective Apple Series 2 Watches

Apple will repair defective Series 2 watches for free. This is good news to Apple Watch Series 2 owners.

How To Avail Of The Free Offer

Apple has revised its service policy, introducing a clause that entitles 42mm variants to a free repair. The free maintenance service is strictly for devices suffering from battery issues.

Devices which are unable to power on, or are experiencing hardware defects can also avail of this. But only if these problems are due to battery swelling. According to digital experts a swollen battery can prevent an apple watch from switching on. It can also cause the screen to separate from thee unit’s frame.

The updated policy does not apply to Apple Watch Series 1, and Series 3.

Eligibility is limited to 42mm-sized Apple Watch Series 2 models. This is also including Edition, Hermès, Nike+, and Sport variants, pending a visual-mechanical inspection.


Customers have three years from the date of purchase to avail of the free service. After that, they will already be paying for it.

Other Defects Which Are Eligible For A Free Repair

Another Apple Watch defect which is eligible for a free repair is a separate back cover. If you have a first generation Apple watch with a separated back cover, Apple will also repair it for free. This free offer is also extended up to three years from the original date of purchase. If you bought an Apple watch on August 2016, it is qualified for a free repair until August 2019. Only if the defect is a separated back cover or a result of battery swelling.

The service policy has been in effect starting last year. This is still applicable even if the unit’s one year warranty has elapsed.

Affected customers can call an Apple Store and schedule a Genius Bar Appointment. They can also visit an Authorized Apple Service Provider to initiate the repair process. Or they can call Apple Support to arrange shipment of the damaged Apple watch to an Apple Repair Center in a postage paid box.

Customers with questions about refunds of Apple watches with previous defective back cover repairs are advised to contact Apple Support.