Coating Which Repels All Liquid Made by Science


Coating That Is Self-Cleaning And Repels All Liquid

A self-cleaning coating that repels all kinds of liquid has been developed. This was invented by scientist Anish Tuteja. According to him, his team is developing new materials.

How To Keep Your Screen Clean

The best way to keep your screen clean is to keep your hands clean. Make sure that your hands are free from any kind of grime. But there is another option: self-cleaning coatings created by materials scientists.

The Inventor And His Invention

Anish Tuteja is a materials researcher at the University of Michigan. He developed a clear, smooth coating that repels all liquids and can be applied any surface. Other repellent coatings are available, but with limited abilities. Tuteja cites Teflon as an example. “If you put a drop of water on it, it beads up. But if you put cooking oil, it will spread.”, says Tuteja. “That is what happens on most surfaces.” Tuteja and his team is developing a more versatile material. And he hopes it will be available in the next couple of years.

Surface Science And Its Potential Applications

Surface science deals with working primarily on different types of surfaces that may either repel or attract different kinds of liquids. There is this very unique surface that doesn’t quite exist in nature. But it has a lot of fundamental applications. You can find an application on almost all surfaces around you. From screen displays to tables and chairs and carpets. There is a lot of use for self-cleaning materials and stain-resistant surfaces.

What Is An “Omniphobic” Coating

An “omniphobic” coating means liquid that will not spread. So different types of liquid like water, oils, and alcohol will not spread on the surface. Droplets of water can just slide off the side of the surface easily. Thus making cleaning of the surface easy. So if you have a camera with water on the lens, just tilt it to one side. The water will just slide off easily.

What Is The Coating Like And How Long It Will Last

The coating is fairly thin. But it is hard. It is based on urethane which is a rubbery material. So it feels like a stiff rubber coating. How long it would last depends on the exact formulation. But they are still developing it to make it last for at least a year.

Availability In The Market

They are still working on this aspect. It will probably start-up with Hygratek, a company co-founded by Tuteja. They are working for it to be in the market within the next two years.