Clash Beta in League of Legends Launched


League Of Legends Launched Clash Beta

Clash Beta was launched by League of Legends. The Clash Beta is a weekend tournament play for players of all skill levels. This took place last Friday, April 13 until Sunday, April 15.

How The Clash Beta Works

The tournament starts with teams starting on a 4-player bracket with teams of the same skill levels. If you win both brackets, your team will be promoted to an 8-team bracket with other winners held the following day. Coming out on top will bring you to the 16-team bracket for a shot at taking home the top prizes on the last day.

If your team does not make it, they get to receive rewards and drop out. But they can still join the next day, with a new ticket. This will allow you to play in a new bracket with its own rewards.

Clash beta

There is a consolation lower bracket on each day. Teams who lose the first match can continue playing. Those teams will not progress to play the following day. But they will face off again with other teams that lost in the first match. This will give them the chance to win more better prizes.

To be able to participate, your team need to lock in the 30 minute window before the first match begins. If any member of your team fail to lock in, your team will no be able to join. You are guaranteed to play a minimum of two matches each time you enter.

What You Need To Create a Clash Beta Team

You need to have the following to join or create a Clash Team:

• Reached level 30
• Completed placement in at least one Summoner’s Rift ranked queue
• Attained at least Honor level 2
• Verified your League account by SMS (This is a new Clash-specific feature)

Each team will have a Captain who will be responsible for adding and removing members, and starting up your Clash team. Once you have created a team, you can participate in League of Legends’ Clash Beta tournament.

Once you join the tournament, there will be an orientation regarding how the tournament works.