Cancelled Games That Players Still Want


Cancelled Games That Players Still Want To Play

Cancelled games that we still want to play will possibly make its comeback. Nintendo will take gamers a trip back to memory lane. With the introduction of Nintendo’s SNES Mini.

What Is SNES Mini

This device is a compact plug and play console. Gamers will be able to enjoy and twenty titles from the Super Nintendo era of gaming. One bonus title for the console is the never before released Star Fox 2.

The Star Fox 2 was a highly- anticipated sequel for SNES and it remains one of Nintendo’s high profile cancellations until today. The game was never released because Nintendo had doubts then that its old-gen 3D would look bad if compared with the next-gen 3D graphics. And with the advances of Sega’s Saturn and Sony’s PlayStation consoles, SNES was no match.

Instead, the game was cancelled and instead, fans got Star Fox 64 on the more powerful Nintendo 64 co sole in 1997. The game was almost complete when it got cancelled. Playable ROMs have leaked throughput the years. But nobody ever got to see its complete version.

Other Games

Silent Hills – this game was an exciting proposition. This was expected to be the cinematic horror game that everybody dreamed of. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled in April 2016.

Fable Legends – Fable Legends is a relatively recent loss and thee wound is still pretty raw. It is I a magical world, with an atmosphere od adventure and highly individual sense of humor. In this game, you need to form a group and complete tasks. But along the way, other groups will try to stop you. After four years of development and $75 million were spent, the game was suddenly stopped by Microsoft. Whether we see the Fable franchise return is uncertain. But it will be remembered fondly.


Star Wars 1313

Fans almost certainly felt they have been deprived of another Star Wars game when Star Wars 1313 was cancelled. It looked like LucasArts was making a Star Wars game with adults in mind. Sadly, when Disney bought the Star Wars universe, they shut down LucasArts, which subsequently ended the development of Star Wars 1313.

These are some of the games which were cancelled but ones we would like to play again. Hopwedullyy we get to enjoy and have fun with them.