Apple Is Releasing A Standalone Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset

Apple AR VR Headset
(Credit: Medium) A concept rendering of Apple's AR and VR headset.

The standalone augmented and virtual reality headset will reportedly have two 8k displays and will be available in 2020.

Apple AR VR Headset

(Credit: Medium) A concept rendering of Apple’s AR and VR headset.

If there’s one thing that we’re sure of in the future, it’s the rise of augmented and virtual reality products. Every major company seems to be jumping in the bandwagon and Apple is reportedly one of them.

According to a report by CNET, Apple is making a combined VR and AR headset with their own chips. This was according to a source familiar with the plans.

The source also claims that each eye will have an 8k display, even higher than current TV displays. For comparison, the best VR headsets in the market now have not even reached 4k per eye yet. The headset will have an attached camera that detects surroundings when being used in play.

The headset will work as a standalone device, untethered to a computer or smartphone. Instead, it will connect to a dedicated box through a high-speed, wireless tech called 60GHz WiGig. A proprietary Apple processor will supposedly power the box.

Apple’s take on the AR and VR headsets will reportedly arrive in 2020. According to the source, the project is still on its early stages so it could still be changed or totally scrapped.

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