A Way Out Is Selling Faster Than Hotcakes


A Way Out Is Selling Fast

A Way Out is an action-adventure game and its doing good in the market. This game is developed by Hazelight Studios. It is published by Electronic Art under their EA Originals program. This is the second video game directed by Josef Fares.game


A Way Out is played from a third party perspective. It is specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multi-player. This means that it must be played with another player through local or online play. Players will control Leo and Vincent who are convicted prisoners. They must break out of prison and stay on the run to avoid authorities. The program is not sychronized so players are able to control their characters. Players need each others cooperation to progress. The players can take different approaches as they take different roles. These roles are not fixed. So Leo and Vincent can swap their roles in another playthrough.

Plot Of The Game

Vincent Moretti is sent to jail for murder. He meets Leo Caruso, in jail, who was arrested for grand theft. A group of thugs sent by crime boss Harvey tries to murder Leo. But Vincent intervenes. The two got to know each other better while recovering in the infirmary. Leo asks Vincent to help him steal a file from the office. Vincent agrees. After the theft, Vincent senses that Leo is planning to break out of prison and offers to help so he can escape too. Leo refused at first but later agreed when Vincent told him he also has a grudge with Harvey.

The two were successful with their escape. They evaded the police in the wilderness and came to an empty camp where they stayed for a while. There Leo learned that Harvey murdered Vincent’s brother. Leo then told Vincent that he and Harvey stole a valuable gem named Black Orlov. They decided to sell it but Harvey betrayed Leo. He killed the dealer which led to Leo’s arrest.

They go on evading authorities and along the way they encounter a lot of people. While they are busy evading authorities, the police are also hunting them. They interrogate the people Leo and Vincent have encountered.

But Leo later found out that he was betrayed by Vincent. The dealer Harvey killed was Vincent’s brother. To reach Harvey, Vincent, being a police officer, volunteered to go to jail to get Leo’s trust. The story ends with them fighting each other. With both sides wounded, and a single gun lying on the ground, the two fight for it. The story’s ending depends on who was able to get the gun and shoot his opponent.


The interesting plot of the game is probably the reason why it has gained its popularity. A Way Out is not just about shooting each other or killing enemies. It also has a story. This is what makes A Way Out appealing to gamers.