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WYSDOM AI, formerly Crowdshare, brings intelligent digital care to virtual assistant solutions – something that could transform the customer care landscape as we know it. Ian Collins, WYSDOM AI CEO announced during the recent Mobile World Congress the partnership between the Microsoft Partner Network which is a synergistic move for both companies to speedily deliver “enterprise-focused cognitive care solutions” globally. It answers the needs of today’s digital customers by providing fast and accurate information through their preferred channels: mobile apps, Facebook-Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, chat, and web search. For companies, this means they can get ahead of the game by making it easy for their customers to choose on the fly – without spending precious time retraining call center agents.

“Our join t clients benefit from both Wysdom.AI and Microsoft technologies – our combined teams will deploy the world’s most effective virtual assistant technology.” – Ian Collins, CEO

Customer care predicted to be less human-dependent about 5 years ago is still a long way from automating satisfactorily despite the surge of new tools in the market. Major BPOs have millions of transactions daily and ideally, only upsells and other issues should be escalated. However, regardless of chatbots, 99% of messages received through What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Instagram are still eventually seen and answered by humans.


Wysdom.AI Demo Day Presentation from Tony Vlismas on Vimeo.

The challenge posed is not just the massive volume of messages and calls but also the complexity of updated information needed to delight customers and push them to click on that all-important “BUY” button. WYSDOM AI hurdles that through cognitive care, an AI-based technology that it has been perfecting for the past four years. Collins predicts that by 2023, barely 5 years from now, 80% of all transactions will be AI-based – truly an explosive growth from 1%! Crowdshare began with search and conversations and used the massive data to build-up its AI platform. Since then it has partnered with prestigious names like Microsoft, IBM, Ericsson, Amazon, and other companies in 180 countries. Today, there are around 30M end users that provide information used to fuel the cognitive data exchange. Growth is projected to be at 100M users next year and Collins claims that “there is nothing like this for both enterprise and commercial clients” that enable these big companies (e.g C Spire, Virgin, Assurant) in telecom, healthcare, insurance, finance, and other genres to have access to data that they would otherwise not have been privy to.

WYSDOM AI thus far has 200K questions posed by over 30M existing end users, with 1 question added every 4 seconds. With this breadth of exposure, it only takes WYSDOM AI one day to understand 65% – 75% of the customer questions received by a new client. Eventually, after a month or so of more training on branding and specific questions, WYSDOM AI can answer 50% of these questions before requiring human attention in the contact center. The WYSDOM AI team of experts continuously leverage from its operational experience in many fields and integrates Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service to provide the best customer experience across a variety of channels. In a sense, WYSDOM AI “provides a powerful new way to connect with customers, answer questions, complete purchases, and transact anytime, using natural language”.

“We are already programming our technology to be smart. We are creating technology that knows us, that eventually will be able to make decisions on our behalf.” – Blake Morgan, Forbes Magazine




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