Waymo and Jaguar : Self-Driving Premium Vehicles


Self-Driving SUV’s From Waymo And Jaguar

Self-driving I-Pace SUV’s will be tested by Waymo and Jaguar later this year.

Waymo Luxury I-Pace EV

Waymo is adding a luxury vehicle to its fleet of self-driving test vehicles. Introducing the Waymo I-Pace EV. This electric SUV is expected to be part of the full Waymo fleet in 2020. I the first two years, up to 20,000 I-Pace vehicles will join the Alphabet Inc company’s driverless service. It will be launched later this year. This will give the public a chance to book rides I the driverless vehicles.

Waymo and jaguar

I-Pace will be the sixth vehicle to join the Waymo fleet. Among the group are the Chrysler Pacifica, a semi-truck, the cute little test car, and others.

Other Information

Jaguar and Land Rover already have their own self-driving technology which includes off-road capabilities. After a self-driving Uber test vehicle was involved in a fatal accident, companies and regulators are re-evaluating autonomous vehicles.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik said, “ at Waymo, we have a lot of confidence that our technology would be able to handle a situation like that”.

The company’s role in the world, according to Krafcik, is to build the world’s most experienced drivers. He also said that the company is confident with its technology. Waymo has over five million real world on the road tests and five billion miles.

The partnership between Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover will build these self-driving vehicles from scratch. The up to 20, 000 I-Paces would eventually be able to provide up to one million trips a day. Waymo already has a fleet of 600 Chrysler Pacifica minivans in operation in Phoenix, Arizona. These are running under the Early Rider Program. This program provides free rides for members of the public who sign up.

Riders are being screened and selected. The basis of selection is the type of trip they want to take. And of course, their willingness to take a driverless vehicle as their means of transportation.

The I-Pace SUV’s will operate alongside the Chrysler Pacifica. It offers a more luxurious mode of transportation, similar to UberX and UberLux taxis.