At least 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were compromised following a data breach, sportswear brand Under Armour announced this week. MyFitnessPal is a subsidiary company of the popular sportswear brand.


150 million MyFitnessPal Accounts Compromised


Hackers were able to access the account information of the 150 million MyFitnessPal customers. These include their user names, email addresses, and even their account passwords.


The company, however, pointed out that hackers were not able to obtain the credit card numbers as well the customers’ social security numbers. The breach did not particular revealed the customer’s sensitive data.

Under Armour

But tech analysts claim that the huge number of MyFitnessPal accounts could affect the Under Armour’s stock. Since the news broke of the data breach, the company’s shares have reportedly dropped to four percent within hours of trading.


In a statement, Under Armour stated that is working double time to inform the concerned users. The company has also manifested to work with the authorities and data security firms to pin point and trace the hackers.

“Four days after learning of the issue, the company began notifying the MyFitnessPal community via email and through in-app messaging. The notice contains recommendations for MyFitnessPal users regarding account security steps they can take to help protect their information,” Under Armour said in a statement.


“The company will be requiring MyFitnessPal users to change their passwords and is urging users to do so immediately,” the company added.

It can be recalled that Under Armour has bought the mobile app for tracking diet back in 2015 for $475 million. Before the acquisition, MyFitnessPal had already 80 million users.