Tips and Tricks in Using HomePod


HomePod has lots of tips and tricks when you use it and tips which may be helpful to its users. The Apple HomePod is not just an ordinary speaker which can only play music. It has a lot more in store for its users.

There are different ways of controlling your HomePod. You can do it via voice control through Siri, through the touch panel above the speaker, or via the Apple music app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tips and tricks

Tips And Tricks In Using Your HomePod

So you have a new HomePod. Good for you. But first you have to set it up. You need to be on iOS 11.2.5 and your iOS device must be near your speaker.

Once you have set up your HomePod, remember these tips and tricks:

1) Do not unplug the cable from the HomePod. Removing the cable might cause damage to the internal components of HomePod. Do not attempt to plug it back. So be extra careful with the cable.

2) If your HomePod does not sound right, pick it up. The device has an accelerometer which can detect if the speaker has been moved. It can automatically whizz through the sound set up again.

Music Tricks And Tips

1) HomePod touch controls – you can tap the top of HomePod to play, pause, skip a song, or adjust the volume. Touch and hold the top to talk to Siri.

2) HomePod music voice controls – you can control the music playback of music played via the HomePod by simply saying “Hey Siri” followed by your command. For example: “Hey Siri, stop”; “Hey Siri, turn the volume to 85 per cent”. Siri supports more complex voice commands. Like asking for specific genres, moods or activities.

3) Controlling HomePod music via your iPhone – you can see the music being played on your HomePod by either asking Siri to tell you or by accessing the HomePod via Control Center or the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad. To do so, you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

4) Allow explicit content on HomePod – you can set whether you want you listen to music with explicit content or not on the HomePod. This is convenient if you have kids listening.

These tips and tricks can be very useful in using your HomePod. It may help you have an enjoyable listening experience with it.