Sweatcoin: Get Fit And Be Paid


Sweatcoin is an App Which Pays You to Exercise

Get fit and be paid for it. This is the idea behind Sweatcoin. This app is free and turns your steps into digital currency.

This idea was developed by Russian fitness fanatics Anton Derlyatka and Oleg Fomenko. They came up with this idea in 2015 when Fomenko had lost the motivation to work out when his previous start up went under.

Based on their observation, they came up with the conclusion that letting people exercise seems to be a problem. People have this tendency to prioritize immediate pleasure over long term gain. So they thought of a way to use modern technology to give people instant gratification for physical activities.

So in 2016, Sweatcoin was founded.

The app pays the users 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1000 physical steps they take outdoors. These sweatcoins can be traded for fitness classes, sports gears, and gift checks in the app’s marketplace. If you collect 20,000 sweatcoins (or over 2 million steps), you can exchange them for an iPhone X.

Derlyatka and Fomenko thought of this as a solution to the problem of people not having time to exercise. Because of technology, most people spend more time sitting down and doing things in their computers and other gadgets. They seldom have time to do physical exercises to stay fit.

Many people who are spending their time sitting in front of their computers tend to gain weight or more so become obese. These affects their health. Sweatcoin can solve this problem. If those whose work and time involves sitting infront of the computer the whole day use Sweatcoin, then maybe their health will improve.

Other people have no time to go to the gym but they have time with their gadgets. To help them to stay fit, they should use this app. It will not only help you to stay fit but you will also get paid for keeping fit and staying healthy.

Although some people complain that it will take a long time for them to collect sweatcoins. If you really do set your heart to it, you will not notice it anymore. You will just be surprised that you have gained more than enough sweatcoins to have it exchanged for what you have worked for yet be physically fit also.

Most of us tend to take our health for granted.

If you are already fit you may find it hard to maintain it. If you have not started to stay fit, find time to exercise.

Sweatcoin is a good app to use. This app will help you gain or earn without gaining weight. So try it out and stay fit while you gain.