Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Update


Smartwatch Update From Samsung

Smartwatch has updates from Samsung. The Samsung Gear S2 wearable had some hefty upgrades. Samsung improved their 2015 watch.

Samsung gear s2

New Features

The user interface has been through changes. This is in order to make viewing your app icons and finding your way through the numerous panels a lot easier. It also looks better.

They have also enhanced the at-a-glance view of its activity tracker. The pace and heart rate is now positioned on the small display. Being able to sync your progress with some workout videos. The company says its just like having a “professional fitness program at home”.

More surprises

Samsung has updated the Gear S2 to work as a controller of sort to the Samsung Gear VR. Bit it is not as useful on a widespread basis. It is not yet sure up to what extent the Gear S2 can operate the virtual reality experience. But by simply controlling the interface with a watch rather than reaching your hand upward seems better.

The Gear S2 can now also be used as a remote control for your PowerPoint presentation. No need for you to bring a clicker then. But people may misinterpret your looking at your watch always. They might think you are always checking the time when you advance to the next slide.

Even just the news that Samsung has updated one of its devices was already a surprise for most people. The company is know for not quickly updating even its latest models. The smartwatch market is a mess. Models come and go. Just like the smartphone market. So for aa product sustain its existence in the market, it has to be upgraded every now and then. This is to be able to live up to its competitions.

More About The Samsung Gear S2

The Gear S2 is the first smartwatch to have a rotary control. But it also relies on icons to hop from one app to another. Its latest update takes advantage of the circular control. You can get to tue Quick Panel from any screen faster just by swiping down from the top.

That’s just about it for the Samsung Gear S2 updated version.