Rewards from BlackBerry Fan League for Hyping Up Poor-Selling Phones


Rewards For Promoting Blackberry Phones Which Sell Only Few Units

Rewards will be given by Blackberry’s Fan League. This is for hyping-up its poor-selling phones. This program is called BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League.

BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League

This is a program made by BlackBerry. The company wants you to advertise on their behalf. In exchange for this, you will have then chance to win BlackBerry branded gears. These gears include mugs, hats, bags, and more. This items are rewards for weekly winners.

There will also be monthly draws. Winners of the monthly draws will win BlackBerry smartphones.

What To Do To Join The Program

In order to join, thee program has you connect your social media platforms in order to promote BlackBerry and earn points. The more points, the more entries. You will then have more chances to win BlackBerry items. Or even a smartphone.

How The Program Works

You have to connect your Twitter or Facebook account to earn your first 100 points. Then, the Fan League, which is run by a company called Social Toaster, prompts you to connect even more accounts. You can use these accounts to shill for BlackBerry. From Instagram, to Pinterest, to YouTube.

You then have to decide where you will advertise BlackBerry. Once you have made your decision, the platform will give you an array of depressing choices to be a worker drone and earn more points.

Some companies see this program as some sort of a game. But BlackBerry believes otherwise. The company does not even try to make the said program enjoyable.

The program is like a band’s social media hype team. That is, minus all the fun of course.
Badges are also given by the Fan League for completing tasks. Naturally, these badges are worthless and come with copies that are worthless.

Generally, the whole program sounds depressing and downtrodden. You will get the impression that the company is desperate. Remember though that BlackBerry sold a total of 850,000 devices last year.

We have to wait and see how the public will accept and react to this program. Let us just hope that both the company and those who will join the program will benefit from it.