Pre-orders For HTC’s $799 Vive Pro Headset-Only Opens Today

HTC Vive Pro
HTC opens pre-orders for Vive Pro VR Headset (Credit: HTC)

Yes, you read that right.

HTC just started taking pre-orders for the Vive Pro virtual reality (VR) Headset and it starts at a whopping $799. Please take note that yes, it is only for the headset.

The Vive Pro was first announced earlier this year at the CES and is touted to address the problems of their original Vive released two years ago.

Some of the notable improvements made to this headset includes a change in the design of the headstrap. They have made it lighter and easier to adjust by replacing the velcro with a sizing dial installed. HTC has also addressed the problem of users having to plug-in their earphones (and have the annoying cables dangling all over) by adding built-in earphones on the device.

Vive Pro VR Headset
HTC opens pre-orders for the Vive Pro VR Headset (Credit: HTC)

Another improvement done on the virtual reality headset is a higher resolution of the dual-OLED displays from the former 2160 x 1200 pixels to 2880 x 1600 pixels (or 1400x 1600 per eye). This will greatly improve the overall graphics and provides better text rendering.

Lastly, HTC has also added dual microphones and dual front-facing cameras. These new physical additions make the Vive Pro even more distinct to its predecessor.

HTC Vive Pro
HTC opens pre-orders for Vive Pro VR Headset (Credit: HTC)

The first headsets will start shipping in April 5th of this year and is designed to be used with the older Vive’s controllers and tracking beacons.

Not interested in upgrading? You’re still in luck. With the release of the Vive Pro, HTC has dropped the price of the current Vive system to $499 – taking off a $100 from its current price. The company confirmed that the Vive will continue to be sold at this price this year providing a cheaper alternative while giving users an option for a better quality headset.

For those who don’t own the current Vive however, your only option is to purchase the Vive system and the Vive Pro headset. Otherwise, you’d might have to wait for HTC to release a Pro bundle, something that they will be hopefully doing soon enough.