The Newest 4K Projector from BenQ Just Released

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The Newest 4K Projector Can Now be Purchased

Modern technology allows us to invent different high-tech gadgets for us to use. From smartphones to laptops to smart TVs, just name it and we have it. One of the greatest inventions is the 4K TV. But it doesn’t end there. Now, we have 4K projectors. BenQ is now releasing the newest 4K projector in the market.

BenQ was praised recently for releasing a 4K projetor which was the HT2550. It was sold for $1500 in the US and was preferred by users than the other 4K projectors.

Called the TK800, the company is going to go for its winning streak. This 4K projector is still priced at $1500 but buyers are going to be in a great deal for it.

The TK800’s standout spec is its 3,000 lumen rating, which is a good bit brighter than the HT2550’s 2,200 lumens. It also has an improved color accuracy and reproduction included in the device.

Of course this won’t be the same with HDR TVs but having a good quality screen projected is rare nowadays.

Also, if the price didn’t make it obvious, it’s good to point out that the TK800, like the HT2550 before it, and every other projector which costs less than a car, isn’t “native” 4K, but instead is based on a 1080p chip combined with XPR pixel-switching to create the 8.3 million pixels that the 4K spec requires.

The image on your wall is still a lot sharper than a 1080p projection, but the compromise bothers some people. But if you’re just the kind of person who is contented with what tis baby could offer then this is an up-for-grab item for you.

The BenQ’s TK800 will be released this April 2018. It’s just a few weeks left before its official release so be ready to grab it.