Software giant Microsoft may soon be rolling out the next big update for Xbox One. The company’s Xbox One software update has been rolled out the Preview Update testers.


Microsoft said the Xbox One update is expected to arrive come Spring. Once the Xbox One update is available, gamers could actually select the new 1440p option. The new resolution is fitting between 1080p and 4K display resolution. The software giant, in particular, said that the 1440p option works well using a quad HD monitor.


What’s new with Microsoft’s Xbox One Spring Update?


Apart from this, Microsoft is also planning to add an algorithmic “What’s Hot” feed for club posts. This new feature is similar to Reddit (or Facebook). Also, a Top Posts option will be added as it would show the most popular games at that time.


Also, part of the Xbox One software update is a feature that allows gamers share access their controller via Mixer streamers. Using this new feature allows gamers to view through an on-screen gamepad or by plugging the controller to a PC.


Gamers should also expect several tweaks for Xbox One. Xbox One streamers, according to Microsoft, could start their streams at their own convenience. This means that they no longer come to a full stop when switching games.


Not only that, Microsoft’s user-friendly browser, the Microsoft Edge is now a controller-friendly. Using the browser allows players to upload and download files. There’s also an option to select from when gamers want to balance in-game audio and other background music.

Meanwhile, Major Nelson reported that Microsoft had added three new security features on the Xbox gaming console. The new security features would eventually help gamers safe especially when they forgot their account name. The updates-remembering account name, recovering gamer’s account, updating recovery options- shield gamers from a possible target of malicious activity.