Search giant Google has recently announced a major change to its app in iOS. The company said that the Google app has some new tweaks. These tweaks allow Google users to discover and share information using iMessage.

“The Google app for iOS now supports an iMessage extension to help you search and share GIFs, restaurants and videos, whenever you’re messaging a friend,” Google said in a blog post.

Google app is now working in iMessage

The company said that Google users could tap “Food” or “Nearby” options to share locations or perhaps perform a search which could be inserted in a conversation.

“Whether you’re messaging a friend about dinner plans or reading an article on sloths, sometimes you want to search for more information without having to drop what you’re doing,” the search giant added.

Moreover, the company said that Google app has three new features especially app that runs on iPhone and iPad.

And in case you don’t know, the Google app in iOS supports the iMessage extension already. This means that users could do a search and share things.

Apart from this, Google is also planning to build a related content feature that would recommend articles that a user is currently reading. What’s the good thing about the update now is that the related content feature works with any browser?

“On iOS 11, you can now drag and drop to quickly and easily move text, images and links to and from the Google app. If you’re reading a great article on the Google app, tap and hold to pick up the link and drag it into iMessage to share with a friend, or into Notes to save for later,” Google said.