Google Home : Some Funny Commands That You Could Try


Try Google Home’s Funny Commands

Funny commands may be given to your Google Home. Let us talk about some of them

About the Device

Google Home is a device used at home if you want to know the latest news, or updates on weather, and more. But if you want to show it off to your guests, I do not think they would want to hear about those stuffs. You can give funny commands to it in order for you to entertain your guests.

Google home

Fun Things You Can Ask Your Google Home

You can ask your device to entertain you. Commands like “Okay Google, I’m bored”, “Okay Google, let’s party”, or “Okay Google, tell me a joke” will get funny answers from your Google voice assistant. Repeating the commands will get a variety of answers.

You can also let it tell you stories. Just say “Okay Google, tell me a story”. And story-telling it is. Current events and facts may also be asked on your device.

Other Commands

Other commands which can entertain you and your guests, if you have some, are available. Your Google Home can sing, rap, beatbox, or even impress you with general knowledge and words of wisdom. The only thing that your device cannot do is dance.

It can do all that you command it to do. That is, only if you give commands which are found on your Google Home’s program. Naturally it will not do commands which it cannot follow.

Basically, the device can provide your “party” and get-togethers with total entertainment, except dancing, of course. But you can command it to play music of your choice and you can do the dancing.

Your Google Home can be a stand-up comedian. As it can tell jokes when given the command. All these entertainment package can be found on it. And what is good about this is it’s free. No charges, no talent fees.

So make the most out of your Google Home. Do not stick to conventional commands. Try giving it commands to perk up your life and have more fun.