Search giant Google has recently launched Google Assistant on Apple’s iPad. This means that customers would now be able to control the Google Assistant using their Apple tablet. It would also allow users to set reminders, make voice calls and send text messages, among others.


It can be recalled that the Google Assistant was launched on iOS back in 2017 during the Google I/O. After which, Google has introduced Google Assistant on various Android devices, especially in Google’s smartphone, the Pixel device.


Google Assistant is now on iPad


But when it was launched, Google Assistant was only available in English. Now, Google Assistant on iOS is in various languages already like in Japanese, Italian, German, French, and Spanish, among others.


Also, tech users claim that Google app’s arrival on iPad may offer a similar experience like in iPhones. However, the big difference is that the app offers a wide and larger screen. This is a welcome development since users could actually do multitasking using a split screen.


Reports also suggest that Google new app should support various platforms to be functional and could work with several smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, among others.


By doing so, Google’s new app would actually be useful in doing multitasking on iPad powered with iOS 11. Apple users could chat with the assistant while doing series of tasks in another window.


These tasks are not limited to plan a trip or perhaps to set an appointment in a calendar app. What’s amazing also is that the app supports landscape or in portrait mode.


Apple users can now download the app via Apple’s App Store.