Epic Game’s Fortnite is raking profit amounting to $126 million for the month of February. This is according to a report by game analytics firm Superdata Research. This means that the amount of money sourced from in-app purchases is huge. In fact, Fortnite’s revenue defeats its competitor, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.


Fortnite’s success now is not surprising, especially its famous battle royale-style game mode. This game allows 100 players to compete with other players. Set on a deserted island, you can win the game if you would be the last-person standing. It is no longer a secret knowledge that Epic Games has borrowed the game’s concept from developer PUBG.


What makes Fortnite saleable vs. PUBG?


In case you don’t know, one of the strongest points of Epic Games’ Fortnite is that you can play it for free. Meanwhile, its rival, PUBG has earned a profit last February amounting only to $103 million. PUBG’s sales were sourced from the $30 purchases of software licences via Steam.



Worthy to mention that is that Fortnite makes a good profit through in-app purchases. Gamers usually buy cosmetic items such as goofy character skins as well as emotes. Avid players lauded the game’s multiplatform accessibility. The game was launched in PS4, Xbox One gaming consoles, and PC last year.



“Fortnite also has an easier learning curve and is more kid friendly thanks to its cartoonish looks. These factors have combined to make Fortnite a bona fide social phenomenon, inspiring high school exams and finding its way into sports celebrations,” said Superdata Research in its blog post.



“The title’s recent mobile launch also appeals to young players without access to game-ready PCs or consoles. Cheating in PUBG remains rampant, and Bluehole has been forced to spend resources fighting this instead of creating new content and polishing the core gameplay,” the research firm added.