Foldable iPhone Could Be Released on 2020 According to an Analyst


A Foldable iPhone For Apple

A foldable iPhone is said to be released in 2020, according to Bank of America. This device is from Apple. This iPhone could be doubled up as a tablet, according to sources.

A Radically Different Design

foldable iphone

Apple plans to come up with a radically different iPhone design. It is said to be realized after two years. This is according to a top Wall Street firm.
According to Merrill Lynch from Bank of America, the smartphone maker is working with its Asian partners on a foldable phone.


Analysts and bloggers have speculated for years now that there will be a foldable phone in the future. They said that it will be the next major form factor for the smartphone.

LG And Apple

There are also reports from reliable sources that LG and Apple are cooking something up. If so, this is not the first time that they will team up. They have worked together on displays before. LG’s UltraFine 5K display is one of the rare non-Apple-branded products in the Apple Store.

Product Development

Apple remains tight-lipped on their future hardware plans. It is a tough endeavor to build a device at Apple’s scale. The technology behind flexible displays is called AMOLED. It is only made by two major players, Samsung and LG and a handful of other suppliers. It is definitely tough to meet demand for this unexpectedly popular type of screen. Especially at sizes smaller than a television set.

According to Gene Munster, then a senior analyst at Piper Jaffray, said last year that “if Samsung were to launch a foldable phone in 2017, we believe Apple will not follow suit in 2019 at the earliest”.

Still it is said that Apple has teamed up with LG. Apple was not immediately available for comment. And LG Display has declined to comment.

All we can do now is to wait and see. We may not realize it, but it will be 2020 soon. Hopefully we can get more concise and solid information regarding this project. A foldable iPhone. Now wouldn’t that be convenient?