Raspberry Pi Foundation : Faster Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Launched


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has developed a new mini PC intended for Pi Day. Called as the Raspberry Pi Model B+, this mini PC would be sold for only $35. The cost of the device is actually expensive of more than $31.40.


According to the company, the Raspberry Pi Model B+ offers 2.4Hz and 5GHz wireless capability. This is very convenient to the users because of the Raspberry Pi Model B+ dual-band 802.11ac Wireless Fidelity capability.


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: Here’s what you need to know


Moreover, the company’s new version of the mini PC is powered by 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core processor. This means that the Pi 3 Model B has a 200MHz, respectively.

Now for the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s latest motherboard, the company opted to use a new powerful version of the processor. This new processor is actually fitted to the company’s Raspberry Pi Model B+.


Tech experts have appreciated the new processor because it could hit a higher clock frequencies. This means that the new processor could give accurate monitoring of the temperature. It could also accurately monitor other essential aspects of the chip.


This information was confirmed by Raspberry Pi chief Eben Upton in a blog post. Apart from this, the mini PC’s new board is powered with Bluetooth 4.2. The new Bluetooth technology offers a much faster gigabit connection when compared to USB 2.0.


Also, the new board supports a power-over-ethernet compatibility. This means if you choose to select the PoE HAT accessory then there would be no technical problems at all. Noteworthy to note is that the latest Raspberry Pi should be using a high quality 2.5A power supply.


Therefore, users should never buy or use the cheapest adapter that is usually sold online. The company reasoned out that the Raspberry Pi Model B+ would need more power to operate.


While other tech users claim that this is a special rollout, the pricing sets a big difference when compared to its predecessor. In case you don’t know, the Raspberry Pi 1 B+ is sold for $25, Raspberry Pi 2B and Raspberry Pi 3B are sold for $35, respectively.