Experimental Voice Control For Spotify


Voice Control For Spotify is Still Experimental

The Voice Control feature for Spotify is still experimental. This will enable users to access their favorite tracks, artists, albums, and playlists more quickly. The feature appeared in 2017 in an experiment involving a driving mode. It has appeared inside the iOS app on a small number of users for some time now.

This is an excellent innovation for navigation. Apps involving navigation require a lot of tapping and typing. But with this feature all you need is to use your voice. Your driving will not be disturbed then.

Spotify does not want to give out any information about this at the moment. But they admit that they are doing experiments to improve the services of Spotify. This is to give Spotify users a whole new experience.

To access this just tap the magnifying glass icon at the center of the bottom row of tabs. Tap the microphone inside the white bubble and you will het a walk through. This currently available only in English.

Tests done by several users prove that this new feature is working well. Bit it is only limited to playing music at the moment. A test was conducted by a Spotify user. He asked about aa particular band. Spotify played songs of that band without answering the question asked.

This new feature has several errors. It is limited only to finding music and playing it. If you create a playlist and you name it “Spotifinds” or anything similar to ‘Spotify”, you will not be able to find it.

This new feature will ask you if you are looking for “Spotify memes”. It confuses the app.

Apple has done its best to cripple the Spotify experience on iOS. This prevented the company from integrating with Siri. This also stopped Spotify from working natively with its HomePod smart speaker.

This left Spotify with the option of building voice control directly into the app. Being this their best option, Spotify is doing its best to improve this app. Hopefully they will achieve what they are aiming for in this app.

This app is still in the experimental stage. So for now, let us just make it part of our listening to good music.