Back-to-back Requests For Alexa


Feel Free to Make Back-to-back Requests From Amazon’s Baby

Back-to-back requests are made possible for Alexa. Amazon adds a follow-up mode for Alexa for back-to-back requests. This new feature on its Alexa voice assistant allows you to make successive requests without needing to repeat your Echo speaker’s wake word.

This new setting is called “follow-up mode”. This will enable you to make multiple requests in one breath without having to mention “Alexa” over again before each request. This feature works by letting Alexa to continue listening for up to five seconds after the initial command. You will know that the “follow-up mode” is working if the blue light continues to stay on. If the blue light is still on that means you can give another command. Once the blue light is off, it means you have to wake Alexa again before giving a command.

There are some points you have to take into consideration. Alexa can be awaken by whatever words you program provided you mention her name. The new feature only works when Alexa is confident that you are giving her a command and it is not just a conversation or the noise from a TV program.

Expect this new feature to not work properly at first. It may not work as it should all the time. Alexa might register false positives. Amazon advices that Alexa should be forcibly put back to sleep. In order to do this you can use the words “thank you” or “stop”. She will not be able to do commands not given to her once she is put to sleep.

There are some debates going on as to the best way to converse with voice-based AI software.

The power to design the interfaces of these devices lie on Amazon, Google and others. This will then facilitate certain user behaviors.

The follow-up mode setting is opt-in and is available for all devices in the Echo line-up according to CNET. This may also be available for some third party echo devices. This feature is available only in English at the moment. It only works when Alexa is not being used for another persistent activity like listening to audiobook or music.