Robotics and a leading research company in artificial intelligence is currently working on a new application for the robot’s autonomous receptacle, Artificial Intelligence Incorporated said on Monday.

The Canadian-based company, AI Incorporated is developing an application intended for mobile robotics. The new AI-powered application aims to improve the entire robotic system to allow continues cycle of mobile robotic devices.


What is AI Incorporated’s SLAM?


Canada’s AI Incorporated said the mobile robotic system being developed also aims to provide users with uninterrupted services. To achieve this, AI Incorporated will be using a technology called the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).


SLAM, according to AI Incorporated, will be combined with what the company called “deep learning.” The company’s autonomous refuse receptacle robot is a mobile app developed for its VSLAP, or the Versatile Self Localizing Autonomous Platforms (VSLAP).


In a statement, Ali Afrouzi, CEO of AI Incorporated said that “robots are best suited to partake in the work that humans do not wish to conduct.”


“Not only will these devices be able to navigate themselves, but by autonomously providing this perpetual service to the end user, no lapse in service will ever exist. A continuous service that will ease the lives of individuals in all walks of life,” Afrouzi, also the CEO of bObsweep Inc.


Meanwhile, AI Incorporated’s new mobile app will be called the Quantum Slam Operating System (Q-OS). The new software would help the machine run smoothly with less human intervention.


The company’s Q-OS is powered with a comprehensive navigation system, and computer vision, among others.