Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is set to release an update to fix the serious bug on iPhones. The software giant is set to release iOS 11.3 and pressure is on for Apple. But tech users claim that with Apple’s iOS 11.3, the company has also earned one big advantage over other rival tech companies.

So what’s the biggest game changer in iOS 11.3?


Apple said that iOS 11. 3 is expected to improve the system when it comes to battery transparency. The latest iOS update now offers a detailed information on battery performance. This includes the battery information for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users.


In general, the iOS 11.3 shows the overall battery health, battery degradation, as well as new performance options. The mobile OS also has a reminder feature that shows that the battery should be replaced already.


Despite the more than 60 class action lawsuits against Apple, the company is leading in this endeavor to counter the alleged “planned obsolescence” that US government had accused the company of. This is exactly the biggest irony of all as Apple is facing lawsuits, it is exerting more efforts to radically change the industry.


In case you don’t know, the issue of battery stability and health is not an isolated issue of Apple alone. In fact, the issue is true to all other smartphone brands. This is to consider that batteries were an issue and viewed as the weakest link in other electronic devices.


And we are hoping that iOS 11.3 would change that gradually.