Software giant Microsoft has released Windows Server 2019. The Windows Server 2019 is actually the first preview build for the company’s Windows Server.


If you are interested to test the build, you must sign-up as part of the Windows Insiders. Microsoft said that the Windows Server 2019 build is not yet the final version. The build’s final version is slated to be released mid-2018.


Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 build release will be coinciding with the release of the server’s feature. The Windows Server’s feature would be known as 1809 and is expected to roll out come October this year.


But avid Windows users say that the Windows Server 2019 qualifies as a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release. In fact, it is the present LTSC that is release for Microsoft’s server.

Now, if you want to use the latest Microsoft’s server build, the search giant recommends that you run SQL Server, SharePoint Server, among other workloads.


Also, one of the best features of Windows Server 2019 is the Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard. The search giant has strengthened the app’s host intrusion prevention capabilities. It has now four components designed to disable the device when being attacked by malware. Below are the Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard’s feature, according to Microsoft.

  • Attack Surface Reduction (ASR): A set of controls that enterprises can enable to prevent malware from getting on the machine by blocking suspicious malicious files (e.g.: Office docs), scripts, lateral movement, ransomware behaviour, and email-based threats


  • Network protection: Protects the endpoint against web-based threats by blocking any outbound process on the device to untrusted hosts/IP through Windows Defender SmartScreen.


  • Controlled folder access: Protects sensitive data from ransomware by blocking untrusted processes from accessing your protected folders


  • Exploit protection: A set of vulnerability exploit mitigations (replacing EMET) that can be easily configured to protect your system and applications