Avid fans of the popular game Sonic Hedgehog have something to cheer about. The game studio announced that a new racing game for its iconic hero will be released soon. But before Sega’s announcement, leaked details about the racing game have surfaced online like the game title Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.


Early on, a tipster and a gamer named Larry claimed that Sega’s racing game would be called as the Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. He added that Sega’s new racing game would include all Sonic characters.


Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed?


“It’s me again. I’ve been debating on mentioning this for a while now, but since it appears to be let out of the bag, why not. A new Sonic Kart Racer is in development,” Larry as quoted in a Comicbook report.


Larry claims that the racing game is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2018. He further stated that Sega is inclined to a holiday release. “However, if my emphasis on Sonic wasn’t clear enough – no Sega characters will be joining the fun this time around,” he pointed out.


But a recent rumor indicates that the official title of the game is “Super Sonic Racing.” This developed after a GIF posted by Zachary Bragg; a Twitter user made rounds online. The GIF looks like the official title of the game. Gamers claim that Bragg’s GIF actually fits on Sega’s video trailer.


Bragg, of course, did not reveal his source. What is certain though is that the GIF showed a letter “R” that is glowing in red.You can actually check Bragg’s posted GIF and compare it to Sega’s trailer to see the similarities.


Having said that, if this rumor is true, fans would be surely happy about Sega’s classic Sonic racing game. In fact, in case you don’t know, the racing game came out some time ago for the Sega Saturn. It features a soundtrack called “Super Sonic Racing.”

Although this rumor may sound realistic, Sega won’t release any details until the next round of E3 this year. For the moment, let the game title “Super Sonic Racing” suffice to stir excitement from the avid fans.