Xbox One X console users have something to cheer about. This comes after software giant Microsoft announced three major features for its gaming console.


Xbox One X three new features


The first feature that Microsoft announced is the support for FreeSync for both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, respectively. This feature was announced by Microsoft during the company’s recent Inside Xbox episode.


The FreeSync support for both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S would be rolled out via a software update. This would eventually enable both the S and X consoles to fix the problematic frame rates of the game. The fluctuating frame rates are said to have produced by AMD’s FreeSync capable Radeon displays.


For gamers, the FreeSync support is a deal breaker. Why? Because it would remove what they called as the “tearing” when a screen is trying to cope with the various frame rate in the game engine.


Further, they claimed that the new feature had been rolled out on PC. And rolling out this to gaming consoles would further enhance their gaming experience. Other gamers claim that this feature would be working in Samsung 2018 televisions.


Apart from the FreeSync support, the software giant has also announced the Automatic Game Mode switching. This second feature would give the ability to gamers to automatically program TV/displays to switch game picture preset mode for Xbox One X and S.


Lastly, Microsoft early on announced about the Automatic Game Mode switching for Xbox One X and S. This would allow gamers to instruct compatible TV/displays to switch to their ‘Game’ picture preset mode.