Game publisher Blizzard has teased Diablo fans anew. This as the game developer hinted that the popular game would be coming to Nintendo Switch. Last week, Blizzard tweeted a cryptic teaser, prompting fans to claim that it’s about the Diablo franchise.


Is Diablo 3 coming to Nintendo Switch?


The game developer posted what appeared to be a six-second video showing Diablo demons. The video was accompanied by a caption: “Sweet dreams.” With this, Diablo fans are suggesting that the Diablo franchise may head to Nintendo Switch.

However, Blizzard later dismissed the rumor, saying, “We can assure you we’re not that clever.” Recently, a new report has surfaced saying that Diablo franchise is likely heading to Nintendo’s hybrid console.


Citing a source, Eurogamer reported that the popular action RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch. Upon learning the news, Diablo fans took to Twitter to express their opinions. Many of the Diablo fans claim that the video was actually a reference to the Diablo for the Nintendo hybrid console.


However, Eurogamer’s report, did not actually specifically state the game’s expansion that would be included on the release date. There are two possible game expansions: the Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls and the Rise of the Necromancer.


Meanwhile, Blizzard had released Diablo III in 2012 for PC. The game developer later released the game for PS3, Xbox 360. In 2014, the game was also ported to PS4 and Xbox One.


Since its release, Blizzard did not release any games for Nintendo platform after the game developer released Starcraft to the Nintendo 64 back in 2000.