What’s Missing from Today’s Technology Trade Shows?


When it comes to technology trade shows, you probably feel like there is more you should be doing to gain exposure and garner new customers and sales. You don’t want to overwhelm your booth, but if you aren’t getting the attention you need, it could be a waste of time. There are a lot of different factors that make it stressful to figure out where to start. Thankfully, here are some simple things you can do to make your next trade show the best you’ve ever had.


Lights can be a game changer, especially in tech shows. Obviously, the technology crowd will appreciate a little more atmosphere and interesting designs. However, many companies do not take advantage of this. If you do it correctly, you could gain attention and get more signups for further demonstrations. Hang simple string lights or go all out and get flashing or colored signs for a more unique look.


Bold Colors

Colors are something every advertiser appreciates. The right colors represent your brand in an emotional way and will draw a certain connection based on industry. This helps persuade your audience. Too many booths don’t use enough color, leaving their personality lacking and thus their trade show is not a hit. Be sure to display your logo, graphics, and use other ways to incorporate design and color in a prominent way.


Calls to Action

In sales and marketing, there is a concept called the call to action. This is essentially a statement that tells your prospect exactly what to do and how. For instance, if you want to initiate sales with your advertisements, you might have “buy now!” displayed on them. At a trade show, a more likely call to action would be “visit us today” or “sign up to get a free gift.” Keep it short and simple and something that doesn’t take too much time or effort. After all, people at trade shows are usually pretty busy.


Printed Materials

Things like printed card and graphics can boost the value of a tech trade show in a few ways. First of all, there is a novelty factor associated with paper today, due to the rise of digital technology and smartphones. Secondly, having a physical reminder will help keep your impression on customers fresh in their minds. They might even have a better chance of remembering to look you up later as they physically see the card instead of forgetting about it in their phone.


It can be tempting to try to wing it at a trade show. After all, this sounds more appealing than doing a lot of planning. However, the reality is, you need to have a set of strategies that let you get the most out of your money. Trade shows in the technology should pay for themselves if you use the tactics above and put them to use right away.