Olympics Will Be More Colorful Than Ever, Thanks to 4K HDR


Olympics is expected to be much more colorful this year

Olympics 2018 is going to be a lot more colorful than it did before. There are a lot of reasons as to why this major event will give color to our lives this year. The parade of Olympic athletes will be seen on TV by viewers all around the world. Also, North and South Korea athletes will enter together for the first time in more than a decade!

NBCUniversal decided to make the winter Olympics available to cable and satellite partners in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR). Dish, Comcast and DirecTV customers who have HD television sets and subscriptions may experience the 4K HDR coverage.

“For the first time, the Winter Olympics will be available in 4K HDR, marking an exciting milestone for both the TV industry and Olympic viewers,” said Vivek Khemka, Dish Chief Technology Officer. “We’re pleased to work with NBCUniversal to give customers access to this year’s inspiring Olympic performances in the clearest resolution and richest color palette available, maximizing the potential of their 4K HDR TVs,” he also added.

Well actually, this is not the first Olympics to be delivered in 4K. The Rio Olympics in 2016 was delivered by NBC in 4K Ultra High Definition. However, this year’s Winter Olympics is a bit more colorful. With the adding of the High Dynamic Range element. That gives you an even more stunning colors in addition to higher resolution.

But don’t get too excited. There’s a bit of catch actually. The opening ceremonies will be aired on Friday on a normal high definition (HD) format on NBC. But to those who wanted to watch it in 4K HDR, you’ll have to wait until Saturday to see it.

Also, the 4K format will be limited to some events only. It’s because the broadcast production world hasn’t moved fully to 4K HDR. According to NBCUniversal, the content will be limited to the opening ceremonies and to some sporting events. Like the figure skating, short track (racing), ski jumping and ice hockey. The closing ceremony is expected to be viewed in 4K HDR although it’s not on the list yet.