Intel’s Smart Glasses: First Look On The Vaunt


Intel’s new smart glasses that looked like a normal pair of glasses at first glance

Intel’s new smart glass, Vaunt, is made to disguise as a normal pair of eyeglasses. But it definitely puts a display on your eyeball just like those glasses in sci-fi movies. So cool, isn’t it?

Intel unveiled the newest addition to their family, the Vaunt smart glass. The most important parts of Vaunt are the pieces that were not included in it. There’s no camera to creep people out, no button, and no gesture to swipe. Also, it doesn’t have any LCD screen, no speakers and microphones.

When you take a quick glance, it looks like a normal eyeglass. But, when you’re wearing it, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen. The magic here is, it’s actually being projected onto your retina.

They also come in several styles and the good thing is, it works with prescriptions. And it can be worn all day. Well, I think I might need one. But there’s this tiny red glimmer that’s occasionally visible on the right lens. Apart from that, people might not recognize that you’re actually wearing a smart glass.

Like the Google Glass that was released a few years ago, Vaunt will launch an “early access program” for developers.

Back from its days, Google’s goal was to convince us we could change our lives for a head-worn display. But, Intel doesn’t want that to happen. They want to change the head-worn display to fit our lives.

“When we look at what types of new devices are out there, [we are] really excited about head-worn [products],” said Itai Vonshak, head of products for Intel’s New Devices Group (NDG). “Head-worn products are hard because people assign a lot of attributes to putting something on their head. It means something about their personality”. That’s Vonshak’s politic words of saying other smart glasses looked terrible. And their main goal was to create a “zero social cost.”

Google’s Glass gave a bad reputation to wearable devices. They aimed for a full, high-end AR experience that literally puts a Windows PC on your head. And not to mention the design that looked like a pair of goggles.

Nowadays, we live in an advanced world with wearable devices that have LTE. Just like our smartwatches that can be worn in a day to day basis. Well, Intel’s actually looking forward to exactly put it that way. A hassle-free experience of technology.