Instagram users will soon experience a new feature that would protect their privacy. This comes after a report that Instagram is testing a new feature that would reveal if a user has taken a screenshot of their stories.


Other reports claim that this new feature was borrowed from Snapchat. What is certain though is that this borrowed feature would surely improve the app’s privacy feature.


To date, some Instagram users who were lucky to receive the feature were getting a warning that the app would warn them if they take a screenshot of other user’s story.

How the new Instagram feature works?


Also, the app’s new feature allows Instagram users to show who are the users who took a screenshot of their stories. This means that this feature has a list of story viewers. A
new camera shutter logo would appear next to anyone who took a screenshot of their photo.


But the company said that creators wouldn’t be informed when someone takes a screenshot of their story as it would only reveal in their list of story viewers.


In a statement, Instagram has confirmed to Techcrunch about this feature, saying: “We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.”


Meanwhile, the company said the new feature was being tested to check whether it has an impact on users regarding engagement. This means that the app’s new feature won’t be rolling out to general users unless Instagram has noticed its desirable impact.