Corsair One Gaming PC Gets A New Update


Corsair One Gaming PC gets update with Intel’s latest eight-gen processors

The Corsair One gaming PC was released last year offering an interesting idea to the public. A gaming PC in the same vein as traditional consoles. That means, it was a preconfigured, prebuilt box that users could expect that it will just work. And without the hassle of tinkering around with the internal parts.

Now, the Corsair is going to release an updated version of the original Corsair One. They will upgrade its processor to Intel’s latest eighth-generation, six-core Core i7-8700K. And it will bump the graphics card from the Nvidia GTX 1080 to the upgraded Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti.

The Corsair One will have two versions. The Corsair One Pro Plus that has 16GB of RAM. And the Corsair Elite which has 32GB. Same as the original, both versions come with a 480GB M.2 NVMe SSD and a 2TB hard drive for storage. They’re so proud of the new systems and they’ve just released an updated Corsair One video.

The Corsair is claiming the new Pro Plus and Elite models as “the definitive 4K, VR, gaming and streaming experience.” Indeed gamers can’t do much better experience than combining one of Intel’s newest 6C/12T Coffee Lake chips. With the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, plus fast PCIe storage and lashings RAM. Additionally, the compact (12 liter) not too flashy form and quite liquid cooling systems (<20dBa at idle) make the systems even more attractive.

The Corsair One Pro Plus’ price is at $2,799. While the Elite with an extra RAM is at $2,999. But Corsair’s still selling the original models of Corsair One with Intel’s seventh-gen Core i7-7700K and the GTX 1080. The price is at $2,299 or $2,499 with either the 16GB and 32Gb of RAM. All four models are now available in the Corsair’s website.