Burnside 35: The Latest Lensbaby’s DSLR Lens


Burnside 35 is the latest DSLR lens from Lensbaby that gives you an Instagram vignette filter

Lensbaby released their latest DSLR lens, the Burnside 35. Lensbaby is famous and best known as a camera accessories company. Their specialty revolves mainly on lens that gives you various creative effects. The newest Burnside 35 is designed to let you have even more control over the effects. May it be how much bokeh or vignetting you want for your images. Then there’s this second effect slider built into the lens so you see the changes in-camera before shooting.

The Burnside 35 is a 35mm f/2.8 lens. It has a 6-blade internal aperture and an 8-blade secondary internal aperture on the effect slider. The background of the photo blurs and swirls when you shift the slider from left to right. The effects adds up more drama to the photo. But dial it too far to the right may result to look like you’ve been throwing back too many beers. Lensbaby also offers a gallery of sample photos. Here are some shots taken by the Burnside 35. As you can see, it really adds more drama and story to the photo with its vignette filter. You may feel the emotion of the photographer and what does he want for his audience to feel and comprehend.

The Burnside 35 is now available at $499.95. It’s totally a new kind of creative effects lens made for photographers who need to create images that stands out. Take shots with a bright central area of sharp focus and striking color rendition. And it is surrounded by subtle, swirling bokeh and vignette effect. The lens is compatible with various DSLR models. That includes the Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K, Micro 4/3, Sony E, Fuji X and Samsung NX. The shipment is expected in mid-March.