Apple Resumes The Selling Of Belkin Screen Protector To The Public


Apple once again opened its doors to the $40 Belkin Screen Protector for iPhone X

The tech giant, Apple, once again resumed the selling of Belkin screen protector for the iPhone X. This $40 “InvisiGlass Ultra” is now available to the public in Apple retail stores and online. This is after a recall in late December due to customer’s complaints. This thin sheet of glass was found to crack far too easily during a regular use of the iPhone. That incident led to a bunch of angry customers. The price is actually not that reasonable because you can purchase screen protectors online like the Amazon for under $10.

MacRumors notes that there is now a revised Belkin model that’s slightly thicker which is 0.29mm from the original 0.21mm. Though it’s just .08mm thicker, we hope that it will really make a difference. As you can see, the older Belkin has a review average of 1.2 stars in the Apple review stores. The complaints are primarily focused around premature chipping and breakage.

Another reason why people choose to buy the Belkin because Apple has dedicated equipment to ensure a perfect installation. The odd-looking screen protector applicator machines at the Apple Store you see is the one they’re using for installation.

Here’s a video showing how they install the InvisiGlass Ultra.

Some people tend to think that sort of convenience is worth $40. But some may think that it’s actually not. You may save $30 for just a screen protector if you’re a practical type of iPhone user. But the thing is, you have to install it by yourself. Well of course, with a bit of care.

Apple and Belkin appear to have been providing refunds to customers who purchased the original screen protector. So, if you still had these problems with the original InvisiGlass Ultra, you might want to contact these two companies.

The new InvisiGlass Ultra is still ate $39.95 from Apple. But this updated screen protector is still “coming soon” in Belkin’s website.