This Could Be The Foldable Samsung Galaxy X’s Design

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This Could Be The Foldable Samsung Galaxy X’s Design

Our previous article contains 10 predictions to smartphone this 2018 and one of those predictions was the foldable smartphone. One of the biggest company in manufacturing phones, the Samsung may release the first ever foldable smartphone in history. This could be the design of the said phone. I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about this big leap in the industry of gadgets.

This leak came from LetsGoDigital, a Netherlands-based site that has previously revealed some information about the device.

The device will launch later this year or maybe early next year and it might go by the Galaxy X moniker. There were also some reports that the manufacturing will be finished soon and that it was also presented at CES 2018 but for some people only.

The Specs

It was rumored that the Galaxy X might have a 7.3-inch OLED screen that can be folded and comes with a stylus pen. It will not have its own line but it definitely will be under the Note series.

“Samsung has the foldable smartphone in its roadmap for the Note series and is currently working to solve a series of hurdles before unveiling it next year” in a comment by DJ Koh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division.

According to LetsGoDigital, the handset will use a polyimide film to achieve a foldable display. The film is lightweight, flexible, and resistant to heat and chemicals which is very ideal for folding. It was also said that the device would have seen as early as Q3 2017, but Business Korea said that the display parts supplier wouldn’t have a manufacturing facility ready until January 2018.

“We know the device is getting close. According to patent filings, Samsung has worked on foldable devices for years, but just recently started to comment on the possibility it may release one. We’re also seeing a steady drip of leaks which points to an official announcement sometime this year. We’ll stay on top of this story and bring you more as it breaks.”

Well I guess, all of us are excited for this futuristic device but for now, let’s just wait and see.