Tech Expert Mentions The Possibility of Hacking in Apple Devices


Tech Expert: “Apple Devices Can Be Hacked in Different Ways”

We have been relying to tech experts about our loved devices. Recently, one of them mentioned the possibility of Apple devices being hacked because of a new feature.

The iPhone X, which is the latest model released by Apple has a new feature. This feature grabbed the interest of iOS users around the globe. It’s the Face ID. A review of this feature can be found here:

One concerned user stated that Apple itself could use the data to benefit other sectors of its business, sell it to third parties for surveillance purposes, or receive law enforcement requests to access it facial-recognition system.

Your Device Can be Hacked with Just One Photo

Have you ever watched the movie “The Ring”? If yes, then you’d know how this works.

Just viewing one photo which was sent to you can get your device hacked.

Experts are urging Apple users to manually update their operating systems after Apple issued a patch for a new security exploit that could let a hacker take over their devices with a single image.

When an attacker knows your cellphone number, all that they have to do is send you the photo. It could be sent through email or even an MMS.

Hackers could theoretically hide malicious instructions inside the code for a photo sent to you to launch an attack on your device.

If your operating system is earlier than 9.3.3 on iOS or earlier than 10.11.6 for OS X, it could be vulnerable.

The attack is theoretical at this point and there have been no reports of it being used, so far. But prevention is better than cure so might as well update your phones now.