Samsung users had expressed excitement when they learned about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. This comes after a new set of images of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have been leaked this week.


Samsung Galaxy S9 images leaked


The leaked images were reportedly shared by the people from dbrand. The same group of people that released the various skins of the popular Samsung smartphones. The skins that were released for the devices were described to be precise, adding a possibility to the rumored smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9

With the recent leaked images, there’s a big chance that Samsung would likely to release Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on February 25. The Galaxy S9 is expected to be a standard phone that would feature a single camera. The rumored phone also has an adjustable aperture while the Galaxy S9 Plus would have two separate lenses.


Both the rumored devices are sleek, a design feature borrowed from the Galaxy S8 device. Additional rumor is that both devices have the label “Samsung.” Both devices too will come in various colors-but what is clear as of the moment based on the leaked renders of the phone is black.


However, if dbrand will have its say about the phones colors. Samsung users would see back and front covered with Zebra Wood and orange Carbon Fiber.


“It genuinely isn’t possible to find a more precise, higher quality Galaxy S9 wrap than the one you’ll find here at dbrand,” a description wrote by the dbrand creedo on the Galaxy S9. “The most precise fit on earth(TM): it’s trademarked with good reason.”