Remake of Game Boy Was Showcased at CES 2018


Game Boy has been the “in” thing since forever. Now, during the CES 2018, it was announced that a remake of the Game Boy is about to be released.

Ultra Game Boy: Game Boy Remake

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 was held in Las Vegas, USA from January 9 to 12. In the said event, Hyperkin — the video game peripheral maker — revealed its Retro which is a remake of the Gameboy. The gadget is called the Ultra Game Boy.

The old Gameboy was made of a plastic frame, but the new one is made of an all aluminum body.

It also comes with a backlight. If users want a quieter operation during gaming, they can turn the backlight off.

Hyperkin also added a specialized Android game controller with this baby. It’s called the SmartBoy. Its aesthetics are borrowed from the original Game Boy. It slides in from the top then plugs into a USB port.

Hyperkin’s Ultra Game Boy might not be an official Nintendo product, but it opens up a possibility of a Game Boy Classic to be launched in the near future.