Project Linda: Razer’s Android and Laptop Hybrid a Big Hit at CES 2018

Razer takes home over 20 “Best of CES” awards combined for its Project Linda mobile computing prototype, and new wireless HyperFlux technology (PRNewsfoto/Razer)

As feature-rich smartphones with huge screens got more enmeshed in our daily lives, at home, work, and play, laptop sales went on a downward spin. But at CES 2018, an array of laptops and hybrids (laplets) were launched, each with a different twist which proclaiming that the laptop is very much alive and kicking. The most interesting by far and so simple a concept that makes you wonder why it had not been launched successfully in the past is Razer’s Project Linda, an Android Laptop and Phone Hybrid. The fact that everyone, including me, hates shifting gadgets makes this a very sensible concept indeed – think of it as a smartphone docking station on steroids.

Razer: The Gaming Company behind Project Linda

Razer, a Singaporean gaming firm based in San Diego is a world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems. Founded in 2005, it is backed by IDG-Accel, Intel Capital, and Horizons Ventures. The company has a wide fan base, especially in the U.S., Europe, and Asia with 35M of them using the Razer software platform. Products and services revolve around the gaming and include everything from laptops, peripherals, lighting system, and even the Razer eCard which is a credit card for gamers. Razer has won “Best in CES” in many categories including the People’s Choice Award, Best PC, Best Gaming Device and Best Concept. This year, with Project Linda promising the best of both worlds, Razer has truly hit home topping other entries with a total of 20 awards at CES!

Project Linda: The Best of Both Worlds

This lightweight, .59″ thin hybrid is the best for those who work hard and play hard: always on the go but demands top performance, creativity, productivity, portability, and uncompromising battery-life. Once the Razer phone is docked to its laptop casing (through a USB-C), it becomes an intelligent touchpad and you have a seamless union of productivity and entertainment. The maximized 13.3” Quad HD (1080p) display screen allows you to see more and do more; increasing versatility in this ultra-portable backlit laptop. In the past, big and heavy laptops defined performance – not anymore! Unique features like a being able to use the docked phone as an additional touchscreen open up the workspace for more “tools, effects, and options”.

“The docked phone serves as an intelligent touchpad, bridging the gap between handheld entertainment and laptop convenience.”

More power, productivity, gaming and VR capabilities are now packed in a much thinner silhouette and lighter body. it has a built-in power bank that also charges the phone while it is docked. The phone’s speakers perfectly integrate into the laptop and you can listen to high-quality sound from either the speakers or headphones.

The built-in backlighted keyboard and precise mouse are must-have features for users who need to create reports, presentations, and creative work on the fly. And for those who have been missing this feature in cloud-based tablets, the Project Linda laptop has 200GB of internal storage. Thin and durable is definitely in and the Razer laptop does not disappoint. Made of CNC aluminum, it is durable but road-worthy.

Will Project Linda make it where both Motorola and Samsung Android phone-laptop hybrid models failed? I’m sure that millions of gamers out there are crossing their fingers that this concept goes into production soon and makes it!

Photos from the Razer website.