’s Alexa Skill is Giving People Bad Dating Advice


Are you desperate for love advices and sick of being single for a long time? Then ask Alexa in!

Amazon and partnered for the Alexa skill as your love counselor. But to some, Alexa may have not given them the advice they need and may also lead friendly relationships from mutual understanding to do-I-know-you stage.

Today, released a new Alexa skill thay gives people first date advice that’s not really great – not in every way.

The Alexa voice app does give some important and helpful tips like if you should wait 2 days to message or contact someone after the date, or if an average person spends $60 on a first date. But at some point, Alexa might have missed some important tips.

Like for example, Ask “What if they want to have sex on the first date?” and Alexa may answer “Only if you must, or they’re really hot” or “If you do too, do them. If you don’t, DO YOU.” Well, that one was awkward.

Those are only some of the more than 30 questions the Alexa skill can answer at launch.

If Alexa can’t understand a question and there are a lot of questions that can’t be answered today, it doesn’t answer you, “I’m sorry, I can’t understand” but rather a “LOL”.

Although there are a lot of less-than-usefull bots or voice apps available, but’s Alexa skill stands out because it actually has a wide range of knowledge to draw from and could give people lots and lots of dating advice based on more than 20 years of matchmaking.

A company spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email that they’re still conducting surveys called Singles in America. Gathering data from 5,500 single respondents. More than 35,000 people participated in the survey in its seven-year history.

So are you ready to ask a bot of how you’re fate in love will be? Well, you might have one or may end up being single by then.