Search giant Google’s Project Fi has reportedly tweaked its plan so that its service will be able to attract more users. The company has publicly launched the Bill Protection, a new feature of Google Project Fi.


Google offers unlimited plan for Project Fi users


The Bill Protection is a new feature that would impose a cap on data users with $10 per GB data bill at $60 a month. The MVNO said the imposition of data cap would not restrict users to consume more data. In fact, according to the company, data users will still be allowed to use more data as long as they want.


This means they were actually subscribing to a new version of unlimited data plan. At present, a fee of $10 per GB is charged to Google Project Fi users. This is regardless of how much data they consumed and apparently, costly for users who consumed data heavily.


Under the Bill Protection, MVNO said it would remedy the problems encountered mostly by the Project Fi users. Google said that all users who consumed up to 15 GB of data for a month wouldn’t be experiencing a slow internet connection.


However, Google warned, that if users have crossed the given threshold, users will experience slower data connection with only 256 kbps. The company said that only less than one percent of the Project Fi users would go beyond the threshold. Google set the threshold limit to 15 GB a month.


Thus, if you are a Project Fi user and don’t want to experience a slower data connection. Then you should pay the $10 per GB to opt out the slower data connection. It should also be noted that under the Bill Protection, users who subscribed to group plans will kick in at various usage levels. This would depend on the size of the group, the search giant added.