Google’s Museum App Finds Your Fine Art Doppelganger


Google’s a little artsy regarding the update on their app Google Arts and Culture. It allows you to find your doppelganger in one of millions of paintings around the world stored in museums. Are you ready to find your inner Mona Lisa? Here’s how.

The Google’s new update will let you see who you have the same face and angle with some of the famous people in paintings. It uses computer vision to map your face and match it against famous portraits around the globe.

Not to pop up your dream bubble, but this update is allowed for US only, as of now. For some regions, this is not yet available. But let’s hope that Google will let us experience this funny yet knowledgeable trend to see people from paintings with the same features as ours. It’s so cool.

The update was an overnight hit! Social media broke out due to this trend.

To start finding your doppelganger, open the Google Arts and Culture app and scroll down until you see the “Is your portrait in a museum?” feature then click Get Started. Once you clicked that, you will be guided on the process.

This app may not be still be available in some countries but we’re sure that Google is working on it.

The Google Art and Culture app is a way for us to learn and explore the art and culture of people and gets to see famous paintings and artworks from 1,000 institutions around the world.