DOOGEE is the Chinese-Spanish budget smartphone brand from Shenzhen KVD Communication Equipment International Group Limited that’s big on quality with an amazing battery life. Although it struggles to be among the top-selling smartphones, a market dominated by top-tier iPhone and Samsung and mid-tier Huawei, Xiaomi, Razer, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo-Motorola, OnePlus, and LG, its latest model the DOOGEE V, a flexible smartphone, might just be a game-changer.

Popular for its line of rugged phones like the S60 which claims to be a gaming phone that can take care of itself because of its sturdy metal body, the DOOGEE V with its flexible fullscreen and in-display fingerprint sensor is definitely more sophisticated than its predecessors. With a price that ranges from $46 for DOOGEE X10 its entry model, to $329 for S60 its flagship model, DOOGEE is poised to outperform higher-priced brands in the future. In fact, in what seems to be a strong predictor of things to come, it now ranks second at Aliexpress in China, just behind top brand Xiomi. It is currently available on Amazon for buyers in North America. Below is a review of its Mix, $200 model:

It has gone a long way from 2013 when it caught the public eye as a result of the brand’s sponsorship of the Spanish football team Villarreal C.F in Europe. It was a campaign that highlighted its innovativeness, high-performance, low-cost, and ruggedly handsome design. The price of its various models depends on the size of the screen, CPU, camera, internal storage, body thickness, and battery. In fact, the battery life of one of its models, BL12000 with its 12000mAh battery, is nothing short of legendary because smartphones are notorious for ridiculously short durations. It can even charge another phone alongside yours! Speaking of the BL12000, it also has 4 excellent cameras, 130┬░wide-angle front camera, 12V/3A fast charging, 6.0-inch 18:9 full screen, expandable storage, and an octa-core processor!

Far from sleazy, even its most basic model, the X10 3G model has a camera that has geotagging, autofocus, HDR, touch focus, face detection, and panorama-capable. Unlike similarly priced models, it has a reliable flash and is capable of HD recording (720 p), at 30 frames a second. With a standby time of 16 days, it won’t leave you frustrated when you lose power in the midst an important meeting or when taking a once-in-a-lifetime photo.

A Closer Look at DOOGEE V

2018 promises an exciting new smartphone from DOOGEE. It is an elegant, high-performance phone that packs an even bigger wallop than the highly esteemed DOOGEE Mix. Its flexible and ultra-large screen is convenient to use and a far cry from other fragile screens. The 6.2″ AMOLED display consumes significantly less power and features an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor; making it bezel-free and button-free. The phone for all its elegance and slim design is robust, waterproof, and scratch-proof.

This 4G smartphone has an 8-core CPU and LPDDR4X 8GB RAM and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. It is ultra-fast, capable of multi-tasking and serious gaming! Its 128 GB internal storage ensures that you have space for apps, photos, music, and video. There are front and rear cameras with the resolution dependent on the model (21MP+21MP / 16MP+16MP). User reviews rate it 9/10 for overall gadget performance, available features, camera quality, and battery backup/performance.

If you are considering purchasing a DOOGEE, weigh your needs against the price and benchmark its performance against the industry standards which for the moment are Apple and Samsung. Most importantly, especially when buying online, make sure that it is compatible with the major 4G and LTE standards in your location. That said, you have an excellent phone that won’t let you down and priced perfectly right!