Cryptocurrency: How It Can Be Of Use in Facebook


Cryptocurrency: Soon on Facebook

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the latest trend today. Many people are investing in this awhile some think of this as a scam. Now, Facebook CEO — Mark Zuckerberg — stated that he will research cryptocurrency on Facebook. In 2018, Zuckerberg will study about this latest trend and see how it can be of use in Facebook.


He considers this as his personal task and will look into it deeply to avoid mistakes and errors.

Zuckerberg outlined two areas of technology that he wanted to research in 2018: encryption and cryptocurrencies. He said both technologies led to decentralized power, which Zuckerberg saw as a positive move.

He didn’t say that he would add Bitcoin as a payment method. Instead, he will find other uses of this new monetary stuff.

The CEO is not the only Facebook executive who is interested with cryptocurrencies. David Marcus, the Messenger boss would also join the board of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Marcus was formerly the president of PayPal before joining Facebook in 2014.