Game developer Blizzard has teased the fans of Overwatch for several skins that will be released on January 23. A preview of the skins surfaced recently and one of which is the
Kabuki Hanzo legendary skin.


Blizzard to release skins, emotes, maps for Overwatch


Before the Kabuki Hanzo legendary skin was revealed, Blizzard has also released a Capoeira Lucio outfit, Asp Pharrah, among others. The company said that five heroes of Overwatch would also be receiving new epic skins.


These skins, according to Blizzard, will be rolled out during Tuesday’s launched. Apart from these, gamers would also enjoy the new skins for Symmetra, Reaper, McCree, Junkrat, and Zenyatta, respectively.


Also, the game developer has teased fans that a legendary skin for D.Va will be revealed anytime soon. Blizzard said that both the new skins, emotes, and sprays, as well as the game’s new map, will be revealed on Tuesday, January 23.


Meanwhile, the developer added that fans would be getting a timely update until Tuesday. This means that fans of the Overwatch will soon expect some changes to loot boxes. This information was shared by Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director.


So what’s inside the Overwatch’s standard loot boxes? Inside the standard loot boxes, Kaplan said, are tons of new content.


With this, players should be able to unlock things at their convenience. The new way is a departure to the usual practice of having a time-limited event loot boxes.